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About Us

PolyCraft Supplies is a division of Graham Sweet Studios.
Both are trading names of Graham Sweet.

We are polystyrene specialists, providing high quality moulded polystyrene balls, eggs and heads, and crystal clear plastic balls for hobbyists, schools, artists, florists, and youth groups.

A branch of Graham Sweet Studios, we grew from increasing demand for quality products for craft projects in smaller quantities than we currently have available on our trade site.

Based in Cardiff, Graham Sweet Studios have been trading since 1969, and have been suppliers of polystyrene balls, snowflakes, sculptures, lettering, feature items and decorations to department stores, film and TV studios, theatres, production companies, events companies, marketing agencies, hotel chains, commercial artists, and building/ industrial trades, amongst others.

With a reputation based on client satisfaction, safety, and confidence in our products, we are now extending the same quality items on a retail basis, through this branch of our business.

PolyCraft Supplies.
Graham Sweet Studios.
Unit 7, Clos Menter.
Excelsior Industrial Estate.
CF14 3AY

VAT Number: 135-9115-73

If you wish to contact us by phone, we can be reached on 029 20602191 or 0845 413 2681 on week days between 10.30 am to 12.00pm. -- Please note that the 0845 number may not be included in your free minuets, and can be expencive from a mobile phone.