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Polystyrene Balls: Details

We have a wide range of polystyrene balls from 20mm diameter, all the way up to 400 mm diameter. The larger balls are supplied in hollow halves which fit together. Our high quality polystyrene balls / spheres are used for a wide variety of uses. They are used in schools and Universities for science projects, chemistry models, and as craft materials. 

The balls have great impact strength - so make great bases for clay and paper-mache work. 
Unlike most of the polystyrene ( some times referred to as Styrofoam ) ours contain a flame retarding additive. This is essential when using them instore, and for window displays etc.
The balls can be decorated with water-based paint, or they can be adorned with other craft materials stuck on with solvent free glue and create a great base for decorations.

If you are looking for larger polystyrene balls, up to and over 1800 mm ( 6 foot!), or trade bulk quantities of smaller balls, please see Graham Sweet Studios 

1000 mm diameter polystyrene ball