Polystyrene Letters

Our polystyrene letters are available in sizes ranging from 75mm high up to 380mm high and are available in a range of fonts for you to choose from. Each size and font is available in a range of different thicknesses from 12mm to 150 mm.
Select your font below and start getting Creative!

Arial Bold

Arial Bold Polystyrene Letters

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Times Bold

Times  New Roman Bold Polystyrene Letters

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Comic Sans

Comic sans Polystyrene Letters

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impact Polystyrene Letters

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These polystyrene craft letters and numbers are ideal for decorating the home, celebrating birthdays, creating interesting mobiles and make unique presents. Whether you cover them, with fabric, sequins, buttons, paint or glitter, they can be turned into vibrant decorations.
fabric covered polystyrene letters
Polystyrene lettering is light and therefore easy to affix to walls, or suspend from the ceiling. They can be held up with double sided tape, or a solvent free glue.
painted polystyrene letters
We manufacture these polystyrene letters at our studios in the UK, and only use good quality EPS containing a flame retarding additive: which means that they can also be used for shop display, exhibitions and promotions etc. We have over 40 years’ experience cutting polystyrene, and a good eye for detail and quality. You won’t find us cutting through the letters to remove the centres of A's and B's !!
When applying paint or glue to the letters, do not use solvent based products. Emulsion paint, and PVA glue are best. In the interest of safety, these letters should be kept away from naked flames and hot lights etc. These are not intended as a toy. It should be ensured that young children do not play with the letters or their packaging. If broken the small pieces could cause choking if inhaled or swallowed.
red glittered polystyrene letters

Trade Enquiries

If you are a Trade customer, and looking for something larger ( think BIG!! ) , or a custom font / logo, or would like the poly letters painted, glittered, faced with acrylic etc.. have a look over at www.grahamsweet.com.
giant polystyrene letters